Publish to Blogs via Email

It sounds like publishing to a blog via email is getting attention online. Specifically, it is something that Hey is experimenting with. People seem excited to be able to do something like that. I know has had that feature for awhile now. Maybe you guys should advertise it more.


I like it. It even works from spok/us mobility network pagers. I gave mine up because nobody paged me but you can buy service fhrough this nice dude john? I think it is/. Pagers direct dot com- im not affiliated

But its neat it works down to that level of low tech and it reminds me of the olden days 2003-2008 when i was a danger hiptop/later sidekick user- up till my first iphone when it launched - i got mine at the san francisco mall- the big one by the powell turnaround, was way faster than the apple store. /waxing nostalgic. But point was

Livejournal used to have a post by email and a post by phone… they were neat features.