Publicizing Posts via Read, Twitter, et al

  • I have two of my IDs blogs set to public, so they auto publish every post to Read, correct?
  • I am baffled by the checkbox for Read and now Twitter (as I linked my nearly unused Twitter). Do I need to select these for each post? Why the different behavior between auto publish to and individual posting to Twitter? Or am I understanding this completely wrong?
  • Is there a way to publicize already published posts to Twitter. I can’t get the checkbox to show in the drop down when I edit.

Thank you for informing my ignorance!

That’s correct. They’ll show up on Read and the RWA social media accounts on Twitter and the fediverse.

The option for Read should only show up when you have Anonymous selected in the dropdown – this is just in case you want to publish an individual post to RWA.

Once you check the Twitter checkbox, it should remain on, as long as you’re using the same device. As for why the behavior is different, the original idea was that you might not want to send every post to social media. But as you bring it up, it does seem a bit silly (and confusing) to have different behaviors. We may want to change how this works.

No, but this is a request I hear more and more, so we will support it in the future.

Thank you for asking great questions! This is how we learn and make the platform better :slight_smile: