Publications for the Fediverse?

An interesting set of though about the publication concept in the Fediverse. With mention to Medium, Tumblr, Write Freely and


Yep, especially having publications made of blogs from all over the fediverse I think would be really intersting.

Discussed it a bit more with the author on Mastodon:

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Hey @matt, how does function? It looks like both a publication and a Fediverse instance of a publication.

Would some variation upon how it works help us get closer to Fediverse publications or would it require more overhaul than is needed? I can imagine the administrative nightmare of simply allowing someone to post to a publication just by checking a box.

It’s really just a one-off publication – we wouldn’t be able to use it in its current form to enable publications for everyone. But the end functionality is certainly really similar, so maybe we can at least borrow design elements from it.