Public reader throttling?

Out of curiosity, is there any sort of throttling to the public “read” feed? As in, if any given user is posting a lot, something that limits the number of their recent posts that will be shown in the feed?

I’m not asking because of any current user; I’m asking partly because I wondered about this in general awhile ago and partly because I might be putting the brakes on my potential WriteFreely instance and moving my own blog over to and I can have some heavy-blogging days, just like I did in the original golden age of blogging.

Hi @bix, reviewing the source code for the feed, it looks like the limit is set to a 5 most recent posts limit per user.

The feed on your WriteFreely instance, for example, follows a similar protocol - note the additional post you made on August 15th is not present. That might not be the case for the feed, but I will let @matt confirm whether that is true or not.


Thanks @cjeller1592! Yep, the same 5-post limit is in place on Read All posts are still sent out on our social accounts, but only the 5 most recent posts show from an author at any particular time on the site.

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