Problem with tags

Hello guys.
I’ve been noticing for a few hours now that tags don’t link to related posts. For example, I created an index of Tags but clicking on one of them does not display the linked posts but only the index appears on the screen. Is it a problem on my site or is it a general problem?

Hmm, I’m not personally seeing any issues right now. Can you share the link to a post or the tag in particular where you’re seeing this?

Hi Matt.
Here is my index tag. INDICE — Luca Tambe' Osteopata

If you click on the tag #LucaTambe the post related to LucaTambe does not appear but actually exists. There he is:

Do you have some advice?

Ah, got it! Yep, it looks like a bug recently slipped in and caused the tag page to exclude that one post. It’s all fixed now :+1: Sorry about that!

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Don’t worry Matt! Now everything works!
Thanks for your help!

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