Private posts?

Does write freely support private posts?
From what I could find from the docs, I could only see you could make an instance private, but not individual posts?
If so, will private posts ever come to write freely?

WriteFreely’s drafts are essentially private posts – each has a unique, unguessable URL. Otherwise, on multi-user instances, you can set your blog’s visibility to Private, so only you can read it. Would either of those options work, or did you have something else in mind?

ah yes private works but it’s pro only? i guess i could host my own instance…

individual private posts would be nicer though

Correct @heri0n , private is a Pro only feature on

If self-hosting is where you want to go, check out the WriteFreely guide to get started. Feel free to ask questions on the forum too. There are many who host their own instance and would be glad to help. Check out the WriteFreely category here as well. Your question could already be answered on the forum.

If it turns out that self-hosting is not in the cards, there are other WriteFreely instances that support Private functionality you could join. Check out a list of instances here.

Hope that helps!