Private Journaling with options to export entries by date

I want to start using a private blog for my personal journaling.

I’ve been using an app for that (Journey), and every year I would export all my entries and create a PDF (or it could be .doc) with all my entries for the year, with the formatted titles, images, links. exports data but it seems like it exports all blogs together in one file.
Is there a way to export data from just one blog? And choose a start-end date?

Has anybody have tips/experiences with private journaling in

So this might not be the solution you are looking for, but you can export all your data from as txt files. It will come in one zip file. If you unzip it, you will find the txt files organized in folders, per blog that you have. Then it should be a matter of going into a folder, sorting the files by date and choosing which files you want to work with.

Not exactly what you had in mind, but might work if you only have to do it once a year.

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Thanks! Yes, that might work. I have not noticed the files were exported in separate folders. And that will require some post-treatment each year, which is not too bad.
Today I had another idea: I can use the new eBook function as well and have a .epub journal. I will give it a try.

You are right, the ebook feature is a good alternative as well.