Privacy Policy GDPR Cookie Banner

i’m a german user. I found the way to generate an imprint via a pinned post.
Now i’m looking for a solution for a privacy policy and a “cookie banner”. I hate the GDPR a lot at this point.
Hopefully for your help
Lennart doesn’t use third-party cookies, so the cookie banner is most likely not necessary.

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Is it correct, that only uses anonymous cookies? If so, it is correct, that every user is NOT identifyed as a unique user?!

Right, readers will only encounter first-party cookies. And if they have Do Not Track (DNT) enabled in their browser or opt out via our privacy page, we won’t track their browsing via our self-hosted analytics – so I don’t believe there’s anything they’d need to consent to according to the GDPR. Of course, I’m not a lawyer, so this is just informational and you should verify this information if you’re concerned about that.

If you did want to have a cookie banner, you’d probably want to create it with some javascript and add it to your site that way. For the privacy policy, you might create another pinned post or link to the Privacy Policy.