Post signatures

One writer mentioned wanting a way to add a signature to blog posts automatically, as seen on public blogs like and

Right now you can do this by copy-and-pasting the same bit of text in each post, but I thought an automatic way of adding one could be interesting – it would save time, and let you update the signature anytime without going back through each post individually.

What do you think? Would you use this feature if we had it? Would you want to be able to include custom scripts or styles in your signatures, or just text?

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Yes I definitely would. I would be thankful for just text, but having more options never hurts in my personal book.

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Totally agree! :slight_smile:

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I’d absolutely use this feature. Getting back into Go development for 2019 so if I get a chance I will attempt to implement on a fork.

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Great to know! I’ve recently been thinking this feature would be a good fit for a plugin, when those are supported. If you’re interested in helping build that out instead of a fork, it’d be great to have your input on this thread.



I’m thinking about doing an event at the end of July that requires a post signature. They’re definitely useful for blogging challenges, or blogathons like I’m thinking about doing. Yeah I’ve copied and pasted text before. Namely when using Tumblr.

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I’d definitely use the signature feature.
I was thinking to create a html with a link to an image hosted in another service to copy/paste but the signature makes it infinitely easier.


I may not use it all the time, but this will be a thing for me at the end of this month. I’m doing a blogging event that could possibly go 50 hours. I’ll need a signature at the end of each post, to remind people where to go to donate, and how to notify me afterwards.
I don’t particularly want to copy and paste the same bit of text 100 times over. However, if I have to, I will.

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Wanted to bump after a recent topic about having the email subscription form below each post done in an automated way:

I think this would help a lot of people out but wanted to see what others thought about this request. Thanks!


I would find this feature very useful.

I copy-paste my signature every time (or just write it from scratch as it is fairly minimal), but I can see how it can get really cumbersome for someone who blogs very frequently and has a lot of information in their signature that they want to add.

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I would love to have this feature(d)!

Thanks again for everyone’s input on this! I’m happy to announce we’ve just released this feature. You can now find it in the add-on store for just $10 to enable it permanently. It’ll also be open to everyone in WriteFreely shortly – see writefreely#330.

You’ll notice there’s now a “Post Signature” section on your blog’s Customize page, where you can enter Markdown, HTML, and shortcodes like our email subscription box (<!--emailsub-->) to add them to the end of every post.

Here’s a quick demo of how it all works:

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on this new feature!


Just wondering if a mailto link will work on the Post Signatures? I tried adding one manually on a post and it gets stripped out.

Yep! It should work just fine – I just tested with:

[email me](

What was the Markdown you tried out in the post? Just want to make sure it’s not an issue we should fix.

Ah interesting, I didn’t know you could do it like that using Markdown.

Anyway, I was trying the following:

<a href="">Send Email</a>

<a href=" from our Website">Send Email</a>

So the first one would work and render as a link. The second one with the subject field wouldn’t show up as a link.

Is there an option for Post Signatures to not show up on Pinned Pages?

Not yet @dino but it’s definitely something we can look into. I am wondering if this is a more wider enough consideration to make a default for everyone or if having a shortcode for “no post signature” would help?

I’m fine with a shortcode option, because otherwise I have to write Javascript to remove the signatures from my Pinned Pages.

Hmm, maybe it makes sense to not include the Post Signature on pinned posts at all? (Just like how we leave out dates on pinned posts.) What does everyone think of that?