Post Rejected as Spam


I use as a note-taking journal. I am facing a peculiar issue. Once I programmatically post to via emacs, the first time, it gets posted. Once I make a few changes and repost, I get a message that “Post rejected for being considered spam”

Are there any specific # of times that I am allowed to repost as an update to the existing blog?
Kindly let me know

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Hi @rk45! The spam filter usually catches on the content of the updates rather than the number of updates. This means things like added links could have triggered it.

If you private message me the username for your account, I will pass that onto the team. That way we can whitelist your account so you won’t run into the spam filter again. Hope that helps!

Can you please whitelist account ?

Today, I received the same set of message - Post Rejected as Spam.

Kindly whitelist my account so that it does not go through spam filter. Thanks

No problem @rk45! I just whitelisted your account so you won’t run into the spam filter again. Hope everything else is working well for you!

Hi cjeller1592,

Still encountering the same problem when I update the content

Please have a look at the above screenshot

Kindly whitelist my account

Hi @rk45, your account is whitelisted so you shouldn’t be running into that problem with the “safeisrisky” account. The system doesn’t know you’re whitelisted unless you’re logged in, so in order to avoid the spam filter, you need to be logged when updating/publishing content.

Since it looks you are using the Org mode plugin, be sure to login using the instructions at the bottom of the Readme here.

Thank you for the reply. Let me re-read the orgmode plugin docs and see if I am making any mistake.