Post content lost

Hi. One of my posts is missing content. My guess is that the draft somehow wasn’t saved so that when I went back to edit it, it reverted to a previous draft. I’m 100% positive this happened with at least one of my posts because I vividly remember information that’s just not there anymore. I’m worried this happened with even more of my posts. I believe this happened when I went back to add “read more” to all of my posts. Is there any way to recover this information?

Sorry about that happening @yungleary! Did you edit the post from two different devices or on the same device? Usually posts autosave changes locally on a device until you save the changes by publishing. Then you can go to another device to edit the same post. If that wasn’t the case, then there might be something on our end.

I don’t know if we can recover the post’s content but we’ll try to prevent this from happening again.

I likely edited the posts on two different devices, but days apart and the edits were published in-between. It seem as if my computer reverted back to an old draft even after the edits were published from my phone days earlier. I was able to find the content through google cache. I’m worried about it happening again though.