Possible bug found using Write.as social login method when registering (password issue)

Dear Write.as,

Ran into a bug while registering here using the Write.as social login method. There’s a pretty big chance this is a Discourse thing instead of an issue with your platform and/or social login method. Will do some more checks on that later. (It’s 5AM right now in the Netherlands…)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Visit this site while not logged in
  2. Hit the ‘Sign up’ button in the upper right corner
  3. Try to login with the write.as method listed on the right
  4. Things should go well when registering and all
  5. Try adding Two Factor Authentication
  6. A password prompt will pop-up - your regular password won’t work


Resetting your password - basically bypassing the whole point of the social login method

Kind regards,


Hitting 5:04AM on the alarm while typing this - this is probably how it should work and may not be a bug in a strict way.

The social login feature is probably just used to register an account - not handling the rest. Anyways: up for you to decide. It’s nap time for me.


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Right, the forum software (Discourse) powering this site is completely separate from Write.as, so any password you add here will just serve as a backup method to log into your account. We aren’t able to actually share passwords from Write.as, since they’re properly hashed over there.

Thanks for your reply! Yeah, I figured that out by the time I was writing the later comment.

Discourse does show a notice that social logins will be disabled once 2FA has been enabled. It doesn’t show anything about the fact you should change the password first to do so…

I feel like this should get put up somewhere.

Will get in touch with the people at Discourse to see how they think about things. :slight_smile:

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