Planning WriteFreely v0.13

We’re wrapping up our v0.12 release now, which should be out in the next week or two. So now I’d like to start planning our next release, v0.13.

My goal is for v0.13 to be our last “alpha” version before v1.0, so I’d like to prioritize crucial missing features that have been put off while we honed the core platform. We’re aiming for a June release for v0.13, and I’m imagining that we won’t be able to tackle all important features. So whatever we miss, we’d plan to include in v1.0.

Now we’re looking for your help in choosing what we should prioritize for this next release. What should we include?


Here’s what I’m thinking so far:


v0.13 or v1.0

These could be addressed in this version if there’s time, but otherwise they’ll be moved to the v1.0 release.


I personally am looking forward to Instance-wide custom stylesheet and Image uploads most :grinning:


Would image uploads be going to Snap.As? Sorry if this has already been addressed.

We definitely want to get to that point! But at first, WriteFreely will probably only be able to store images on the local server. Then, especially as we polish up the API in the coming months, you’ll be able to store uploads there.


What is current progress on image upload task - anyone working on it already?

I’m very curious about details on this :nerd_face:

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