Pinned pages disappearing from RSS feed

So I noticed that pinning a page/post makes it disappear from the blog’s RSS feed as well as the blog’s browsable archive! Is it intentional? If so, is there a reason for the same?

How can I keep pinned pages part of the RSS feed and the blog archive?

Pinned posts are basically meant to act as permanent pages, so that’s why they’re removed from places like the RSS feed. Out of curiosity, what kinds of posts are you pinning on your blog?

If it makes sense, and others want the same, we might be able to change this behavior.

I was thinking evergreen content posts make for good items to pin without necessarily being a “page”. Here’s an example I would pin: Yes and No - Jatan Blogs. Because of the content of the post, it also makes sense for it to continue appearing in blog archives and the RSS feed, especially just after publishing.

The other use case I can think of: Even if I do pin a post that qualifies as a “permanent page” but have only just published, I would want readers using RSS or otherwise read that as well. Here’s an example post where I’m giving options for readers to contact me and interact with me but also providing some commentary on why those are good options.