Picture upload stalls

I had reported this “bug” directly already, but I’d like to do it more formally. First, when I upload pictures, the server always uploads 4 pictures in parallel. Then, the upload is a bit irregular, and worst of all, it seems to stall and time out. Often it stalls with a full grey bar. This sometimes means it was uploaded, sometimes not. I have to switch to “pictures” and check. Sometimes, that page is not updated immediately, either. So I get duplicates, I have to choose and upload other pictures again and so on.
This happens mostly with Wifi connections here in the Balkans, but I doubt there is a location issue.
I’d appreciate a look into this.

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I am still having this issue, even with 4G+ reception without wifi. The upload starts immediately and rushes to upload 80-90% of the data, then stalls. If I’m lucky, it continues after waiting for maybe 10 seconds. Many times it just stalls and nothing else happens. Reducing the number of images helps a bit, but the issue is always the same. It is definitely not a problem of upload speed, it looks like it is something on the server side.

Just as an update, I am still having this problem. With mobile network 4G, 4G+ or 5G it is usually no problem to upload, takes seconds. When on a wireless, it takes forever and then stalls. All other functions of the site work perfectly over wireless.

I’ve seen that sort of thing periodically here in the US on Comcast. It seems to be better if I use the CloudFlare VPN on my iPhone, but I’m not sure if it’s the VPN portion or just getting free of Comcast’s horrible DNS service. Perhaps you could try using either that, or another VPN?