Photo descriptions not showing

When I post a photo, and fill out the alt text description for it, the description doesn’t appear when I hover or click on the published photo. If I put the text in the “Title” section, it sometimes appears, but cuts off most of the text, making the description for visually-impaired people ineffective.

Hey @maol, just to be sure we’re on the same page, are you talking about when you upload a photo to, and then copy the Markdown over to Or are you talking about when uploading a photo through the Classic / Rich Text editor?

Hi, Matt, it’s all of the above. When I copy from, or from another site (such as Wikipedia), or when I directly upload a photo (which I rarely have).

Hi @matt, @maol ‘s issue is affecting me as well using and copying the markdown into the editor. When I publish, the image doesn’t display Alt text or the title.