Photo descriptions not showing

When I post a photo, and fill out the alt text description for it, the description doesn’t appear when I hover or click on the published photo. If I put the text in the “Title” section, it sometimes appears, but cuts off most of the text, making the description for visually-impaired people ineffective.

Hey @maol, just to be sure we’re on the same page, are you talking about when you upload a photo to, and then copy the Markdown over to Or are you talking about when uploading a photo through the Classic / Rich Text editor?

Hi, Matt, it’s all of the above. When I copy from, or from another site (such as Wikipedia), or when I directly upload a photo (which I rarely have).

Hi @matt, @maol ‘s issue is affecting me as well using and copying the markdown into the editor. When I publish, the image doesn’t display Alt text or the title.

Still having this problem.

@ChloeDontCode Are you using the Classic editor? If so, pasting in the Markdown directly won’t work – instead, you’ll want to use the “Insert Image” feature. Here’s a quick video showing how it works:

Basically, the steps are:

  • In the editor, select Insert > Image
  • Switch to, find your image, and copy the URL – not all the Markdown
  • Switch back to, and paste this into the URL field
  • Optionally, add your alt text in the Alt text field
  • Press the Enter / Return key to insert the photo

No, I am not using the Classic Editor. I’m using the pure Markdown editor.

I insert an image with the Alt text as such:
![Trashed microwave]( "This is a trashed microwave; enjoy")

But it still doesn’t show the Alt text or the description of “Trashed Microwave”, even when hovering my mouse over the image.

Just to help you troubleshoot.

Ah okay, that helps a ton – thanks!

So this is an issue with our Markdown parser. I have seen similar issues with alt and title text on images – it doesn’t seem to handle punctuation well, when it comes to these attributes. When I tested this image, the alt text showed up in the HTML. But I had to remove the semicolon for the title text to appear.

So for now, I think the best solution is to avoid too much punctuation in those attributes. Then I’ll open a bug report for this, and we’ll try to implement a permanent fix for this.


I knew my English MA would cause problems :joy: Thanks @matt, seems to work now on my page.

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