Payment taken for 1-year & 5-years


I decided to purchase the 5-year Sale. However, I got invoiced for 1-year plan at $72 and a $180 is also taken out from my card for 5-year plan.

I’m happy to pay for the 5-year plan. How can I request a refund on the 1-year plan upgrade?

The billing page is so confusing!

Any help would be appreciated. It seems like @matt is not available to assist.

Hey @ridwans, sorry for the confusion – I just refunded that $72 charge. You’re all set now!

I’ll take a look into why you were charged for both subscriptions.

Cheers Matt. All sorted!

Also tried to signup for the 5 year deal and ended up with a regular 1 year plan. How to switch/upgrade?

If you’ve previously had a subscription with us, you’ll likely run into this – it’ll only show you monthly and yearly options.

While I work on a fix, you can switch to the 5-year plan from this page. Once you’ve done that, I’ll refund the 1-year plan for you!

I did have an account a while ago. Upgraded from that link. Thanks!

Great! No problem. I just refunded your first 1-year payment, as well.

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