Password Protected Album/Gallery

I know it is possible to set a album/gallery as hidden. But is there an option to also make it password protected?

I second this feature request, however, it looks like @matt is focusing on other projects at the moment and fell by the wayside.

I say this because the Trello board ( hasn’t been touched in years.

I hope I’m wrong through, it’s a cool app and could be worth the unlimited galleries for $10 if it could work for me like my private gallery I could use to share with people.

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I suppose an alternate solution for now, is to create a password protected blog and stick the photos on there. Instead of relying on a hidden album without password protection.

Good idea. It’s an extra step, but would work.

Funnily enough, I started that for a blog last year, and ended up adding content to the photos to explain them. Quickly that blog which I planned just to be for photos, turned into a normal blog with my photos as supporting images.

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