Password Protected Album/Gallery

I know it is possible to set a album/gallery as hidden. But is there an option to also make it password protected?

I second this feature request, however, it looks like @matt is focusing on other projects at the moment and fell by the wayside.

I say this because the Trello board ( hasn’t been touched in years.

I hope I’m wrong through, it’s a cool app and could be worth the unlimited galleries for $10 if it could work for me like my private gallery I could use to share with people.

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I suppose an alternate solution for now, is to create a password protected blog and stick the photos on there. Instead of relying on a hidden album without password protection.

Good idea. It’s an extra step, but would work.

Funnily enough, I started that for a blog last year, and ended up adding content to the photos to explain them. Quickly that blog which I planned just to be for photos, turned into a normal blog with my photos as supporting images.

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Sorry this didn’t get a reply earlier! We’re now circling back to and planning out development, and I’m very interested in supporting a variety of uses for galleries. So I’d love to know more about what you all would use this feature for – for example, who would you be sharing the gallery with (friends, family, etc.)?

(Also, note that the official roadmap has moved from that Trello board to Phabricator, where we do all of our project planning.)

Yeah this would be my use case for it, sharing the gallery to my family and friends.

My two main use cases are (1) image source for inclusion in blog posts, and (2) private sharing certain image albums with friends, family. Private in the sense that only those with the private url would have access to the image album, so not search-engine discoverable. I might have a couple albums for public access, but that is a much lower priority need for me.

Strongly support two of the features already listed in Phabricator: ability to reorder photos, and a captions feature.


I think having a password protected gallery would allow many people to escape Instagram. And could become a nice IG alternative.

As most said, the main plus is sharing photos with family and friends.