Outdated post on custom domain


I updated a post.
Workbench 46.1 — Sonny's shows the correct version
Workbench 46.1 — Sonny's shows an outdated version (without screenshots)

Please advise, thanks!

Kinda hard to tell what’s exactly different between them. They look the same to me, but I admit that I didn’t run the text through a text compare app.

I think this might’ve resolved itself by now… Most likely, you were seeing some of the caching we have in place.

While logged in, your write.as/username/post URL should always show the most up-to-date version of your post. However, your custom.domain/post URL may show an outdated version for up to a half hour or so.

There’s also some issue with mobile safari. You may need to manually hit refresh, but I haven’t been able to determine any pattern to when Safari gets confused and won’t fetch the newly-updated page.