Other (useful!) image attributes

I humbly offer Markdown images are an anti-pattern | daverupert.com

I agree with most of what he says, and wonder what the best way to do that sort of thing with my images would be.

Suggestions? Obviously simplest for me would be for snap.as and write.as to simply “do the right thing,” but with @matt’s backlog, I am also curious what’s the best I can do without making more work for him.


Are there any particular attributes that are more high-priority for you? Can definitely add some new defaults if they make sense for everyone. I just know that things like lazy loading might not be desirable for everyone in every case (e.g. fine on desktop, but could hinder people who want to download an entire page before going offline on mobile).

Height and width would be most useful for me, especially if they were pre-filled on snap.as so when I copy the image code, it’s got them for me (and then I can edit if I choose).

Srcset with built-in support would be dreamy, but I think I have a fair idea of how much work that would be, and if I were spending money on features, I think I would allocate my quatloos to comments instead.

Thanks for pondering it, @matt!