Option to Set Pinned Page as Homepage

@Matt, currently, for the homepage for our blogs, we have the option of three display formats.

I’d like to propose one more option for accounts of Pro level and above: letting us set one of our pinned/static pages to be our homepage, and having another page as our “blog.”

Let us use a custom domain and have the top page/homepage be a landing page and the blog post index to be another page.

Platforms such as WordPress allow this, and it works particularly well for sites that exist to represent, sell, or promote a product, service, or organization.

Hey, thanks for the input! I’ll have to give this some thought.

My initial impression is that this could inch us just over the line into CMS territory, and then open that can of worms. To get this into the core product, it’d need to be designed in a way where it benefits writers and improves the reading experience somehow without getting in the way of publishing. Designing that is the tough part – though I’m open to suggestions, of course.