Option to customize generated meta tags

Hi, is there any way it would be possible for me to better customize the opengraph tags on a post?

Right now I have to rely on the good graces of the auto-generator, which works well sometimes but fails to recognize and strip Markdown in the description, fails to recognize images sometimes, and doesn’t let me set my own for either of those.

As well, it’s not just the fact I can’t set descriptions – being forced into using “summary” instead of being able to pick “summary_large_image” is a little annoying when I’ve already made cover-like images but have them shoved into a tiny box instead.

I could definitely just make changes on my own and recompile, but most of the reason I picked writefreely is that it came as a simple binary I just had to add and configure around instead of having to install various things – and this seems like a simple enough customization feature that I’m surprised it hasn’t been added. It would be very nice.

Thank you for your time!