Ongoing markdown / text formatting niggles

Hey everyone,

So I’m enjoying Write.As so far but I’m having ongoing text issues, normally when I try to do too much of: italicising, bolding, hyperlinking text all in one sentence / line of text.

An example being in this post, in a couple of places where it says “tweet this”, with those unwanted double-asterisks which should in fact be bold text.

Has anyone found a workaround for this?

I’d love for these niggled to be nipped in the bud - not least so they stop happening, but also so that I stop bothering @matt so often with them(!) :upside_down_face:

Thank you,


EDIT: my temporary fix has been to remove bold (only italics) and capitalize text… which has fixed the niggles but isn’t ideal. The issue seems to happen when I have bold, italics and a hyperlink all in one sentence :confused:

What exactly are you trying? Are you putting the asterisks outside the text field for the link?

When I use the Markdown below


I get this:


Is this in line with what you’re wanting?

Hey Jake – it’s displaying fine now as I’ve unbolded the text… the formatting seems to go funny if I use too much bold/italic/linking all in one go. Thanks though :slight_smile: