On Write Freely, writing first post errors out

OK, so because this is an alpha project, I’m gonna try and be as verbose as possible.

I can’t submit new posts. The error I get on hitting the submit button is a 401. I’ve tried logging out and back in again, but that doesn’t help.

I just set up a Write Freely instance. It’s set as single-user. I have it running behind Caddy, not nginx. My Caddyfile is this:

blog.ironarachne.com {
  tls ben@ironarachne.com
  proxy / localhost:8183

In this context, I’ve customized Write Freely to run on port 8183. It’s running under systemd. Here is my unit file:

Description=Write Freely service



I imagine this is an artifact of not doing the prescribed way. Happy to help get to the root cause.

Hmm, so first, are there any extra errors in your server logs (i.e. the logs that writefreely outputs)?

If not:

  • What’s your [app] section look like in config.ini?
  • Did you switch between multi- and single-user mode?
  • Are you publishing a draft or blog post?
  • If blog post: if you run the query SELECT owner_id FROM collections WHERE id = 1; is the result 1?

See the answer to my question on Caddy.Community.

So that Caddy config worked out, right? If so, I’d like to add it to the docs for everyone else.

It works perfect. Using 0.2.1 now too, and I can post, yay!

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Awesome! :tada:

The changes to the Caddy configuration fixed this problem.