Older message from the server not display when subscribing from mastodon

First thanks so much for this project, it is awesome and is really needed. I used to work on Wordpress, then Ghost, then just coding my site, but I still wanted a simple interface, and this is just perfect.

When I subscribe to my blog from Mastodon, I get a notice that Mastodon cannot display previous message from the server. I am not sure if it’s my mastodon instance that is doing that or if it’s how my writefreely instance is setup?

My self hosted instance is https://write.gef.ink and I am on mastodon, under gef@mastodon.sdf.org.

Oh I am not able to follow my writefreely instance…
and I am getting a 404 on the API :S
ok I need to dig a bit deeper to understand why this isn’t working