Non-English Fonts look awkward

Hello guys,
These are my first steps on pro and blogging in general. I have created a blog which will be in Greek. But the fonts (Serif) look realy awkward especially on computer (image attached).


On android phone they kind of look better. I would like to stick with Serif and not Sans-Serif or Monospace as they both look “ugly” although more consistent than Serif.

Any ideas?

Hey @anastasios! So if you don’t like how the default fonts look, you can add custom fonts that work more with Greek. This can be done via the custom CSS section of your blog. Here’s a forum post on how to use custom fonts:

For a start, it looks like Google Fonts has a good selection of Greek fonts to choose from. I am sure there are other resources you can use (and if anyone knows please share).

Hope that helps!

Hi @cjeller1592 and thanks for reply. I had seen that blog post but as many of us I also have demonized google and try to avoid anything related. Maybe I should not be that strict. I shall give it a try thanks!

Update: That worked great, thanks again. But still if there is a google-free alternative please anyone let me know.

Font library is a great alternative with lots of Greek fonts! It is devoted to hosting fonts released under free licenses.

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I understand your concern about Google, and don’t disagree. I came across this site recently that may help. It allows you to download Google fonts as .woff2 files, which is a compressed font file designed for web use. Then you would just have to find a place to host the font file itself.

Hi panos and thanks for your reply. I checked your link but it seems the site doesn’t work that well. On most (if not all) Greek fonts I get 504 Gateway Time-out.

Hi @CountFenring thanks I will have to check that out as my knowledge on this matter is limited. I mean I would not know where or how to host fonts and then how to link them to my blog. But it’s definitely a good starting point.

Yes you’d have to have a web host of some kind, and then the file would just go someplace that’s accessible from the internet. There may be other sites that offer this kind of service, but I don’t know of any off-hand.

There is also this, with instructions here. Haven’t tried it though. I noticed Font Library does have issues delivering some fonts so it really depends on which font you pick.