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I just tried to sign up for a paid plan with but was not presented with any terms of service (up to the point where I would have had to enter my credit card data). I also couldn’t find the TOS anywhere else on the website.

That seems like an obvious bug in the sign-up process—you can’t really enter into a legal contract without seeing (and agreeing to) that contract.

I’m posting this in Help instead of Feedback because it is keeping me from signing up.

The bottom line is, freedom doesn’t require T&C … sort of.

You’ll find:

Matt at: Matt —
the company at: Our company —
the principles at: Our Principles —
the privacy policy at: Privacy Policy
the guidelines at: Platform Guidelines
about it all at: About

Don’t expect quick responses, Matt is a one guy band with great intentions helping us stay away from big tech commerce.

The bottom line is, freedom doesn’t require T&C … sort of.

I think I understand where you’re coming from but that’s not really how it works. Things like laws, contracts, licenses, etc. are also needed to guarantee certain freedoms. No one operates in a legal vacuum.

Thanks for the links. I’ve read all these pages but they don’t replace terms of service. They also contain language that’s unclear, e.g. “Don’t use to conduct illegal behavior.”—According to what jurisdiction? Knowing what laws apply to a service is essential.