No page information in search results

Hi Team,

I searched for my name on Google and found my page, but received this notification - ‘No page information in search results’.

And was advised of the below steps to fix it:

"The page owner prohibited Google from reading the page, which prevents us from creating a page description. Unfortunately, there’s nothing that Google can do about this.

If you know the site owners, tell them about it, and send them a link to this page."

Could you please help me rectify this?

Thank you!

Hi, can you share the URL where this is happening, so I can take a look?

Hi Matt, here you go - the first one is my quick google search - you’ll find it in the 9th or 10th information of search result:

I attached the below picture to help you understand the exact one:

The second is what you’ll get it when you click on it:

The link shown in the search results is the list of subscribers in your blog. This list is available to all logged in users (that is a security issue, I just created an entry for this). Google is not logged in, so it does not have access to the list of your subscribers. So it has no information about this page.

@matt should take care to not allow search engines to index these pages.

Thank you for raising this!

The security issue with that page was indeed fixed last week, but it’s pretty weird that it showed up in Google’s results in the first place (maybe it was publicly linked from somewhere on the web?). I’ll make sure Google doesn’t index those kinds of pages in the future.