Newsletter Sections Idea

Hey Community! Had a great chat w/ @matt last week and we were discussing ways to extend the existing newsletter functionality without causing complexity or making it a full blown Mailchimp solution.

I had the seed of an idea on how it could work, but wanted to float it here to get some input from all of you so that it can have the wisdom of the crowd.

Here’s my pitch:

  • Options in Customize per site for the following
  1. Organize newsletter content into sections with tags? Checkbox
  2. Use the following tag to exclude content from newsletter sends: Input field

That’s it.

The first one would have additional language when checked to explain that the first tag on any post will be used as the “grouper” for newsletters and the newsletter generator would have a heading for each section to group posts into whatever sections you define in this organic way. It always looks at only the first tag for this function so that there isn’t confusion or duplication of posts between sections. The feature could get fancy and format based on titlecase of the tag so that #ThingsIUse gets formatted as a section heading of “Things I Use”.

The second one (which would be valuable even on its own) is to give us the ability to exclude content from our newsletters. I post a lot of link posts in one of my sites. Ideally, I’d like to be able to include a tag that would exclude those from the newsletter, so that what goes to someone’s inbox is just the “original content” posts. The tag should be user defined, so that you aren ‘t forced to have some ugly “exclude” tag that doesn’t make sense to folks. Any post with that tag (in any tag position) would automatically be excluded from newsletter sends for that site.

Look forward to any discussion on these suggestions… If you like them “as-is”, feel free to just upvote/like.

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