New user question

Hey everyone!

I’m Morgan, a new user and I have a quick question.

I just created a free user, and wrote a short sample post. WHen I go to – I see the post there. Perfect.

But when I’m logged in and I go to – I see this message:

" Posts

Your anonymous and draft posts will show up here once you’ve published some. You’ll be able to share them individually (without a blog) or move them to a blog when you’re ready.

Alternatively, see your blogs and their posts on your Blogs page.

Start writing"

→ Is this a bug, where the posts page should list the posts? Or am I confused? Or maybe there’s a caching issue…?

Thank you :slight_smile:

The Posts page will list your anonymous posts, or posts that do not belong to a specific blog just yet.


To expand upon the reply @dino gave…

  1. Write a new post
  2. When you’re done or want to “save the draft”, go to the top right
  3. You will see a ‘Publish’ link. Next to it will be the name of your blog. Make sure it says “anonymous”
  4. Click publish

Now, go to your POSTS page, and you will see the post visible there. You can click the “move to morgan” link to make it live on

Hope that helps!