New user, long post blocked

I’m a new user who started by trying to publish a long post – a 3000 word essay. It got blocked by the spam filters described in How spam filters work?.

I tried emailing the contact address in the “blocked” message, but didn’t get a reply. Aside from the essay being long and having footnotes (linking within the same page), I am not sure why my post was blocked.

A shorter post went through OK. However, breaking up long posts isn’t a good solution for me. For one, I wanted to share the complete essay as a draft with someone else and get their feedback!

Is there a solution? The ability to publish long posts without a “mother may I” dance is a dealbreaker for me.

Happened to me early on, too. One of my first test posts was a collection of links of things I wanted to read “soon.” It got flagged. Matt fixed it up relatively quickly, and I’ve had no problems since then.

Hey @luxaudax, sorry for not responding to your email!

Links often trigger our automated spam filter, so I have the feeling that that’s what happened here. Either way, I permanently disabled the spam filter for your account, so now you can publish that long post (and any others) without running into it ever again.

I just tested saving to both anonymous drafts and the blog proper. Both work now.

Thank you very much!