New browser extension

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It would really improve embedding images from on mobile if it were integrated with the editor. Currently, you have to go separately to and copy and paste over to another browser tab. Since mobile browsers don’t have add-ons/plugins.

In the meantime, could we have a link to inside the editor that opens a separate tab?


Despite having opened this response to bring up a suggestion of my own, I’d like to start in by echoing what @nibl said about integration with the mobile editor. I couldn’t agree more with this. Being a Pro subscriber who operates mainly from an iPhone, my hope is that as new features are rolled out, that they’re implemented with mobile responsiveness and thoughtful design in mind.

One thing that seeing this clip of the desktop editor extension called to mind was how Droplr functioned, when I’d been subscribed to their seveice a few years ago. As far as I know, it still operates the same. It was a super nifty tool to have at your disposal, but only when you had your laptop on hand. They designed a standalone iOS app, which was and is still — since checking last summer — total doo-doo.

If this service could figure out a way to implement a better way to use this on mobile, it would be indispensable.

The feature I was originally going to suggest was also inspired by my old droplr account. While I’m not sure how possible this is now and with this system, I remember being able to use a custom subdomain, in tandem with my own domain as a link for images uploaded. So like, for example:


Additionally, with this feature enabled, creating custom slugs was also possible. Hope this made sense!

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This no longer seems to be available for Chrome? Was it dropped?

It looks like it was taken down for some reason, but I’ve just re-submitted to the store. So hopefully should be back up soon!

Hey @matt, did you manage to submit it again? it seems it’s still unavailable in the chrome store.

Thanks for amazing job

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