"New post" navigation problems

I found the most confusing, or unintuitive, thing is how to create a new post.

Eventually, I figured out that the following link will create a new post: https://write.as/# Or when logged in at the main page of a blog, the ‘Menu’ in the upper-left corner has as it’s first item ‘write.as’ which if clicked starts a new post. Also I now see that clicking 'write.as in the footer will start a new post. You could also go your Blogs page and there a ‘New Post’ link there. If not logged in, https://write.as starts a new post (that how I figured out that link will create a new post).

But if you’re viewing a blog post, I don’t see any link that starts a new post other than (unintuitively) clicking 'write.as in the footer, or the extra step of returning to the Blogs list to see the ‘New Posts’ link there.


Thanks, this is good feedback. I agree the navigation can be improved, and that we’re maybe trying to be a little too clever with the “write.as” links.

The goal with having the editor on https://write.as when logged in is so that you only need to type that in to start a new post. But I agree, navigation to this page is missing in many places. We’re going to work on improving this over time.

(Moved this to a new topic since it’s more general user experience feedback that I’d like everyone to be able to discuss in one place.)


I admit one thing I’ve been confused about is the navigation. I feel like it would be way simpler just to have the upper-left link/icon/whatever be a hover menu that gives all the options, rather than have the upper-left corner functionality keep changing depending on where you are on the site.