New "Like" function?

I noticed that in the “Stats” page of a blog, under “Top 25 posts” you can now see a column of LIKES right next to TOTAL VIEWS.

Is this a new function? and how can one like a blog post?

This is part of the work @matt is doing on federated reactions:

Oh I see. Thanks Paolo

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Came here for this - thanks @PaoloAmoroso.

The problem is that this could be a lot more elaborate. Like, putting a “like” button on the articles. After being on the platform for roughly 3yrs, I’ve noticed that a lot of functionality with is never fully executed.

I’m not going anywhere, I do enjoy the writing experience. But functionality hasn’t really changed much (if at all) since my time here.

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Matt is planning some more features:

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I agree. It would be nice for those who want, to have the possibility of enabling or disabling “like” functionality for posts. Although I may not have tons of followers, still, non of them is on the fediverse so that excludes I would say the biggest percentage of readers.

There is a flaw in this feature as it is (cc/@matt) and that is it will only display if your article is in the top 25 of all your posts. I posted an article that is relatively new onto Mastodon. It received some likes, so I went into my dashboard but no joy. It’s not in my Top 25 so :man_shrugging:

That’s true also. IMHO the statistics should show all posts that do have a statistic to show. So even a blog post with 1 view should be displayed there. and since there is this second column maybe it could be implemented that you could sort by either “Views” or “Like” order.

Pagination could be the answer here.

absolutely that could be another approach