New formatting syntaxes

I recently heard from someone that they’d like to see MathJax support on, and wanted to see: would anyone else’s be interested in that, or other markup syntaxes (e.g. Textile)?

I’m sure MathJax would be useful, especially for STEM bloggers.

For my part, I’d love to see support reStructuredText and Emacs org-mode, since I have texts in both. :slight_smile:

Thanks, that’s great to know! MathJax support is officially on the roadmap now, and once we get that added it’ll be easier to support new ones.

Feel free to vote on what you’d like to see most (this’ll help us prioritize what we add):

  • MathJax
  • reStructuredText
  • Emacs org-mode
  • Other (leave response)

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MathJax support is now live! Just go to your blog settings under the Text Rendering section, and enable MathJax.


If you try it, let me know if anything doesn’t work right.

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Once I enabled it, how do I write maths? Also has a killer feature where if you press Ctrl-P then it shows the preview of what you wrote and renders and and formula in AN INSTANT.

Once it’s enabled, you can use the TeX / LaTeX syntax, as mentioned here.

I see what’s happened. It works in my blog but when I try to publish as “Anonymous” it doesn’t work.

Is this a bug?

I voted also for “Other”. I was thinking to Extended Markdown for the support of footnotes, tables with classes, custom classes to h2, h3…


Yes, indeed. Extended Markdown would be helpful.
Next to this: AsciiDoc.
But Extended Markdown would do the trick most of the time.

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I’m totally agree!

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Would be great!

Hello everyone,

First of all, thank you folks for this awesome product! :slight_smile:

I tried testing MathJax configuration, but it does not renders here, despite having turned on MathJax under customisation. I’m not sure that I’m using this properly :sweat_smile: so please excuse me if it’s a silly mistake on my side. Thanks!

Hi @RJ722, I took your post body, put it onto a blog on a WriteFreely instance, and turned Mathjax on. It looks like it worked. The syntax seems correct.

Have you tried turning it on again and saving the changes? It could be something else going on.

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Hello @cjeller1592,

Thanks for making all this effort, means a lot! :slight_smile:

I think I might have a lead on this - the static/js/mathjax folder is empty.

I installed writefreely from pre-built binaries available at GitHub. Given that MathJax is now shipped as a git submodule from this release onward, maybe MathJax wasn’t included in the release?

Yes, I can actually confirm this. I downloaded the tar file from v.0.9.0 and copied the contents of static/js/mathjax to the corresponding folder - and it works!

Should we open an issue regarding this?

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I also found few other issues with rendering MathJax, and am not sure where to report them (or if they are issues with using Mathjax in Markdown and even need to be dealt by the writefreely team). I’m putting this here, please feel free to instruct me where to report them.

There’s an error in rendering whenever any of the symbols from *, _, and $ are nested together or used in the same line.

Here is a sample blog showing a few results.

Rahul Jha

Edit: Added the correct link to the blog.


Thanks for finding those @RJ722! We should definitely open an issue along with the others you found with rendering MathJax. Go ahead and open up the issues here.

Hey @cjeller1592,

I’ve opened the issues. Please find the links below:

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Thanks @RJ722! Please feel free to open up any other issues you may find. The above should be taken care of soon.

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