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I’ve recently purchased the 5-year plan for writeas as I like the simplicity of the blogging and customizations. I did however misunderstand and what is built for, and purchased it but then realized after the fact that it came included. I reached out to as I noticed a few other issues and requested support but today being the 7th day, I figured this forum is active.

My blog is

Below is the email contents:


I just opened a new account and purchased the 5 year plan. I was able to set-up the federation feature (reason I got it) and connected it to my Ghost Blog.

I just purchased the but am now confused, as I clicked on subscriptions of billing it mentions that is apart of the Pro subscription. Was it not needed to purchase the The reason I purchased was because when I clicked on the Add to Gallery link it mentioned I needed to pay.

Is a website gallery to add to the post or is it to host the picture I want to add to the Post?

I will not ask for a refund, if is to be in fact apart of Pro subscription, but will ask to transfer that $10 to the add-on Post Signature if that is possible.

BTW… I love this service and after getting very familiar will reach back about a Community plan but will need you guidance on you ends and my concept of a community.

One issue I did come across, it was using the email to post feature. I had sent a post from my ProtonMail email (this very one sending this email from) and nothing.


Gypsy Miles

Hey @gypsymiles, sorry for not getting back to your email yet! To answer your questions: photo hosting is included with your Pro subscription, but the Gallery feature is an optional add-on. So if you want to create a profile and photo galleries (like the ones here:, then you’ll want to buy that. Did you want to use that feature, or did you just need the hosting?

The gallery is completely separate from, so you can either link to the gallery from a post, or just use for hosting pictures and include individual ones in your posts. Note that in the future, we hope to make it so you can embed your galleries directly into posts.

Really glad you like it! I’ll be happy to help figure out if the Community plan is a good fit. Just let me know what you’re thinking / hoping to accomplish with it when you’re ready.


First I must commend you for being active in listening, in development, and in life! It’s not often that the proprietor engages with customers these days.

I don’t need the gallery, and I think thats were I got confused. Hosting of images was only to be used. As I mentioned, I’m not going to ask for a refund.

If the comments is the same price, when that is ready, I’ll grab that or the Post Signature for now.

I’m getting all the details together for the community as it’ll be combined with Ghost. Just having to see what works and how. So I’ll reach out to you soon.

Give thanks to the team!

Gypsy Miles

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Overall experience with Writeas since purchasing on 6/28/2021, 14 days later…

I was able to connect a custom domain: up with ease

Enhance the standard theme by adding a line break between each post on the main page. Added a custom section at the bottom of the page to let visitors know where else to find me on the Web and link back to the top. In addition to editing the Footer!

Enabled: Email Subscription and Federation.

Note: After connecting the domain, the Federation Handle changed but doesn’t change the handle from the previous posts on Mastodon. The link directs to a dead page - This page is missing.

Solution: Unfollow the old handle and after copying the post content, delete the post and re-created a new post with the same content.

The only remaining thing to learn to include is having a Next & Previous Post from within an existing post. This will make it easier for readers to “Read Along”. Asking for help on this

BTW… I got all the customization code currently using from this forum. It’s there!

I would pay 20 years upfront for this service, 5 years is not long enough… !$?


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