Need help adding tinylytics script to my blog

Is someone able to help me with how to add this script to my blog please.

If you sign in and go to the “Customize” section of your blog, there is a section for adding custom Javascript. It should work just by pasting it there, but do report back if it doesn’t!

When I enter this code I get this error and I don’t know how to fix it?


Try putting this in there, instead:

const script = document.createElement('script');
script.setAttribute('defer', true);
script.setAttribute('src', '');

(Please double-check the correctness of the tinylytics link, as I might have made a typo re-typing it.)

Angelo, that script didn’t work so I contacted the developer Vincent for help. He wrote a script to get it to work but it also required an adjustment to the code on his end. Thank you for your help.

Glad Vincent could help!