National Poetry Month

For National Poetry Month this year we wanted to encourage people to share their original poetry, so we’re doing a couple things.

First, there’s an open prompt for anyone to submit poetry with no sign-up needed via Accepted submissions will be shared on Read Check out the link below to submit your poetry:

We also have an active hashtag on Read — #NationalPoetryMonth. If you write poetry on your blog (it has to be set to “Public”) & use the hashtag in the post, your poetry can be seen when someone visits the hashtag link.

Happy writing and we look forward to all the poetry you create this month! Feel free to leave any other ideas for how to make the most of National Poetry Month.


Just want to bump this topic — we’ve been getting an awesome reception for National Poetry Month so far. Check all the poems out here:

There’s about a week left to add your own poetry to the mix! We’d love to see it. Feel free to do so here:

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What a great National Poetry Month! Special thanks again to everyone who participated & followed along.

To commemorate the great poetry we received, we created free eBook for you to enjoy the all the accepted submissions we received:

Be sure to join us for next year and let us know if you have any ideas about how we can do more cool stuff with National Poetry Month.

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And thank you for bringing it to our attention :slight_smile: