NaNoWriMo 2021

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)! We’re continuing our yearly tradition of supporting this by opening up our novel-writing features to everyone. That includes:

  • The Novel display format, so your posts show up in chronological order
  • An extra blog on your account, so you can share your novel (message me to get this)
  • Lifting the 50k character limit for Free users, so you can write longer chapters

All of this will be available for free, for the entire month of November. If you’d like that extra NaNoWriMo blog, just reply here or DM @old-support with your username, and I’ll add that extra blog to your account!

Otherwise, if you’d like to share what you’re writing this month, please feel free to do that here!


no need for an extra site, i just wanna share what i m writing recently here if you not mind. :slight_smile:
fanfic again. In fact, this project “came out of the blue” for me. I was supposed to go on and finish another project about GUNDAM which restarted during last year’s, but some Marvel’ films and episodes diverted my attention.
At first, I only intended to end this project with ten chapters, but now it has reached more than twenty. And it seemed like it was supposed to be a romance novel that would end quickly, but the status quo has become: all the characters are busy with their respective careers or ambitions, instead of love emotions.
It is probably the first time I felt that “the characters would be out of control”. :exploding_head:

Oh wow, Write.As’s features never cease to amaze me!

I’ll be taking part this year, but I’ve no idea what I’ll be working on/writing about as yet… and :movie_camera: I’ll be doing NaNo a little differently this time around. :slight_smile:

In short: just carving out time to write a couple of times a week, without holding myself to/aiming for the 50k wordcount. I ‘completed’ NaNo once, but the 50k target tends to trip me up/feel forceful/not-so-helpful, for me personally.

Happy writing, everyone.

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