My user handle redirects to another blog

So I host two blogs on WriteFreely (or rather, however my secondary blog automatically redirects to my primary blog when I type in the user handle.

My primary blog is & the user handle for that is (this blog is okay).

However, my secondary blog,, whenever I click on the user handle it automatically sends visitors to instead of

Is there a way for someone to look into this‽ Thanks!

Note: Purpose of the is to cover harder topics that are often ignored or overlooked. It does not feature porn based on the domain extension, but I decided to use the domain as I did not want a porn bot to use it).

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Hey @darnell, thanks for reporting this! I started looking into this and seeing if there was a quick fix, but it seems there’s some deeper bug happening here.

Will dig into it a little more later, and report back when it’s all fixed.