My Post got flagged - What else can I do?

New user here. My post got flagged. I removed all links except for two to the YouTube video of the person of the person I was talking about. Do I need to remove those so it will post?

I have photos that I took from an event I attended embedded from imgur because I was unable to upload them to Is that the problem?

Now my account has been silenced.

It would be really helpful if would highlight in red the specific content/links
that are causing the problem.

I think what it might be is an overzealous spam filter (even if there is no spam to speak of), but I do not know as I am just a user, not a employee. Sucks that this happens, though. Hopefully they fix what’s wrong soon.

I get that it’s a spam filter. It’s disconcerting to consider that an algorithm decided my thoughts are spam.

Are you allowed to post images? Could that be it? I posted embedded images from Imgur because I was having trouble uploading to

Typically, how long does the silencing last?

I’m not sure how long it lasts, as I think they ( kind of deal with false spam flags on a one-by-one basis.

Hope they can fix it for you soon. Sucks when this happens :frowning:

Hey @Sheff, really sorry for this experience. I know it’s not pleasant, especially when you just want to try things out. I’ll send you a private message in a second that will permanently disable the spam filter for you, so you can publish whatever you want again.

If I had to guess, the links in your posts probably tripped the filter. Then repeated attempts caused it to automatically silence your account. We’ll get you squared away, but for others, we plan to make unblocking yourself possible without contacting us in the near future.

Okay, thanks Matt! I’ll check it out later today.

I followed the instructions and it seems to have worked. Thanks!

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Perfect, thanks!