My IP adress got banned


I have some trouble when I want to publish my story on write as, suddenly a notification like this popped up on my screen. I’m pretty sure I didn’t do anything wrong or did something violated because I barely open this. Please help me to solve this problem.

Thank you.

Just sent you a private message!

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I may have run into the same problem. I have been working a script to migrate about 100 old WP posts to my instance, and now I appear to be completely locked out. My account is ‘harrisonripps’. Please ping me so that I can get unblocked and then let’s talk about API throttling limits so that I don’t overload it.

What is the exact error you’re seeing? I’m not seeing any account-level block, but it’s possible a temporary IP ban kicked in.

Going forward, I’ve generated an application key you can use in your script to bypass the API rate-limiting. You can find that, plus instructions on how to use it, on your Application Keys page.

Awesome, thank you! I agree, the block seems to have only been temporary.

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