My account got silenced, please help

Hi, I had my post blocked. After trying to amend it and removing the links, my account (same username as this one) was muted.

(For clarity, I presume that the post was blocked because it contained discussions of my experience with homophobia and exploring queerness in a Catholic school, which got flagged as harmful content. I promise it’s nothing malicious, and I’m open to not publishing it on I just need to have my account back.)

Could you please assist me with this matter?

Thank you for your attention, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

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Hi, just sent you a private message!

Just as a heads up, we do almost zero automatic filtering based on content (except for normal spammy things like casino / betting sites). So it wasn’t the topic you were discussing, but probably some links or formatting you used that tripped the filter.

Either way, you’re free to continue publishing that content here, once you follow those instructions and lift the account block!