Multiple tags?

Is there a way to create a URL that combines two tags?
Something similar to this?

Also, is there a way to add a horizontal rule or border between posts?
I tried doing it myself in the CSS but couldn’t figure it out.

Not right now, but that would be a nice thing to add.

How would you like to see that work? In your example, would that list posts that contain both ExampleTag1 and ExampleTag2? Or would they match posts that container either ExampleTag1 or ExampleTag2?

You can do this with a bit of CSS – on the blog index, you’d work on the articles, like this:

#collection article {
    border-bottom: 1px solid black;
    padding-bottom: 3em !important;

I was originally asking for it to show all posts that had either tag, but I can totally see how it could also be really useful in other ways to have it show all posts that include both.

Perhaps the URL can vary so that you have it either way. For example, a URL with a plus sign could show all posts that include both tags, like this:

While using a comma instead could show all posts with either tag, like this:,tag:ExampleTag2

Also, thanks for the CSS help!


I was wondering this exact thing yesterday. I would be more interested in post containing both tags, but think both AND and OR would be useful.

Additionally, I would like to be able to filter all post with no tags, is there a way to do that, @matt?

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Hmm, there’s no way to do that at the moment, @jalvarezm. But I think we’ll be adding more advanced tag filtering abilities soon, so maybe we can include this capability, too.