Multi-user instance hosted by moderation/misc. questions


I have my multi-user instance setup through the hosting service provided by, and I have a few general questions about moderation and other admin features.

  1. Is there a way to manage other user’s blogs/posts? ie: delete their posts, delete their blog, etc. (this could be helpful in the event of spam accounts joining.) The workaround would be to go invite-only, but I’d prefer not to do this.

  2. Is there a way to change the favicon for browsers? I saw some talk about this in the forums, in some screenshots there is a “favicon” section where one can be uploaded, but that option doesn’t appear to exist in my admin portal (in fact, my admin portal looks considerably different from all screenshots I’ve seen in the forums here.)

  3. Any way to verify my Mastodon account via the < a rel=“me” href=“mastdon url”> html code? I tried to put this in my “about section,” but it didn’t work (i tried with the link in my mastodon profile, not the mock example earlier in this paragraph). I did see a thread by Matt saying that a rel code could be put in a blog’s description, but this did not work for me either.

My admin portal:

Admin portal screenshots I’ve seen in the forum:

(i cannot find this, i don’t think a menu like this exists for my instance?)

Might be due to the hosting. I run my own instance and get the above.

Oh wait, the screenshot of Matt’s is of an individual blog(account) customisation.

i think it is due to the hosting, but i think i should be at least be able to moderate the content on the instance (ie delete blogs, posts, ban users, etc.) @matt is this possible with a hosted instance?

I’ll answer these below – but first, I realized your site was accidentally set up on an old version, which is why some things looked very different. But I’ve just updated your site to the latest version – sorry for the confusion!

Right now, you can Silence accounts on the web by going to Admin dashboard > Users and clicking on the user you want to moderate. They’ll still have private access to their account and posts, but their blog and posts won’t be publicly accessible anymore, and they won’t be able to create new posts.

If you want, just send me the favicon you want for your entire site to hello [at] and I’ll take care of that for you.

You can add your Mastodon handle by going to your Customize page, and scroll down to the Verification section. (This also wasn’t there in your previous version – you should see it now!)