MT Hosting

I am trying to determine whether I can run on Mediatemple. I asked them if they had native support; they don’t. They said you need root access. Is root access required? So can I install

(mt) Media Temple has no tools to install to the Grid Service. As long as the application does not require root level access, it should work on the Grid Server.

Spin up a $5/month VS on You get a full server to do what you please with it.

I wonder if I could move all my domains there…

Is Mediatemple a registrar? Looks like they are, I didn’t know. I have all my domains on Google, I never need to move them anywhere, Google is my registrar, and DNS, but not my VPS provider (I have used for that for many years).

If Mediatemple is your registrar, and you are happy with their yearly charge for domain lease renewals, and the DNS management they offer, there is no reason to move your domains away from them. You do not need to use their computing services though.

I take it that with vultr I would have root access so as to be able to install

You get a full server with root access. You must know what you are doing, it isn’t a managed server. You will have to manage it.

You don’t need root access to install and run the writefreely application itself, but you do need it to install a reverse proxy server if your host doesn’t already provide one.