Moving to WriteFreely, images question

For this type of blog, I am used to using for uploading images, but I am moving to my own VPS, on the blog itself does it allow for ease of uploading images to each post in a similar way?

Not (that I’m aware of - Im new to this as well).

What I DID do is setup WF to host https on port 443. Then I setup Apache to host an image folder on a different port entirely. Not the best since I have to include images like hostname:6969/folder/img.png, but it works.

Of course, if I run my WF instance in https/secure (443) instead of http/insecure (port 80), I have the problem that most browsers won’t link to the unsecured content, so gott fix that.

I written this 3 months ago therefore moved onto a different platform. Going to try and lock the topic if possible.

Ok so I managed to get into the right account, can’t delete the thread, will keep trying though and keep you updated (you replied after 3 months so I presume you are invested in this?) additionally for now managed to turn off subscription for this thread in my email so hopefully that will help.

I have reported to mods, so hopefully they delete.