Moving posts to different blog recreates post slug based off title

Just wanted to mention a behavior I observed yesterday. When moving a blog post to a different blog, the url/slug for that post is recreated based off the title.

For instance, a post had the title “Game Clips | Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 Goal Compilation – Volume 1” with a post slug value of “game-clips-pes2019-001”. When the post was moved to a different blog, the post slug became “game-clips-pro-evolution-soccer-2019-goal-compilation-volume-001”, instead of keeping the previous post slug value.

I think ideally, when we move a post to a different blog, it should keep the post slug value the same.

when you make a new post, the slug comes from the title anyway though. I believe the best way would be to move the extended title to a different line below in the body while moving, then once it has moved and the url created is set and you can then edit the title back to what it was.