<more> tag

I’m sure I ran into a <\more> tag , but I don’t recall where that was. Where wold I find it? Is it for a particular theme? Would it mess with the ePub version? Are there other code snippets in some docs somewhere? (I search without success.)

It’s the <!--more--> shortcode documented here. ePub would likely ignore it.

Thanks. But when I tap the link, I get” This page is missing.”

The site is currently down, so I suggest that you try later.

And now when I retry it does nothing.

Which link are you tapping where it does nothing?

When I first put in the tag, I got the Read More… link. When I clicked the link, I got “This page is missing.”

Deleted the tag and tried again several times and no Read more… appear after I “published.”

I thought maybe (grasping at straws) because I post in html rather than Markdown (to retain footnotes), that was an issue, but an experimental post in MD made no difference. I still got no Read more… link

No more thoughts?

Where can we see this happening? Can we get a link to the blog that has this problem?

Sorry for the delayed response. I was waiting for my domain <gebloom.com> to get transferred to write.as.

As I discovered, accidentally, “Read more” does work. I thought it should appear with “publish” but it apparently needs the web site to be refreshed. So, all good. Thanks for the attention.