Moderation abilitites

These are rather essential if I’m operating a multi-user instance:

  • Ability to remove individual blogs and posts from users as an admin.
  • Ability to remove or deactivate users as an admin.

Right now, this does not appear to be possible, as neither the writefreely binary, nor the web interface provide access to tools like this, which in the situation of cleaning up spambots is essential.

As I’m not a developer I couldn’t tell you when, but FWIW user management tasks are on the roadmap (under “Next”).

Thanks for the input. I definitely want to get these tools into the release after v0.10. Here’s what we’re planning so far:

For removing individual blogs and posts, how would you like to see that work? Should data be immediately, completely deleted? Or should it just disable external access to the blogs / posts (i.e. it would show “Not found” to everyone besides the original author)? Maybe have both options?


Ultimately I’d see a need for both but I’d think “disable external access” is the best thing to focus on first, since I can see some situations where moderation discussions will result in things being restored, so an admin being able to put things “on hold”, as it were, seems to make sense. So, if that existed even before total deletion existed, it would have the same effect on the public site, but also allow for admin/user discussions about problematic posts.


Disable external access would be preferred as a first focus.

Actual data removal should ideally only be possible if a blog already has been disabled (adds in a safeguard for fat-fingered clicks as well) or through the CLI.

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Thanks. I agree on the point about data removal – I want to make sure people don’t have to worry about their work being accidentally deleted.

Any other moderation abilities everyone would like to see?

(By the way, the two mentioned features are officially slated for our next release, now that v0.10 is out.)

I’d like the ability to require email on signup, else I’ve no way to communicate to a user about moderation issues.

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